Thursday, September 16, 2010

Serendipity found!

Many of the blogs I follow post lovely pictures of fall leaves or flowers blooming in their gardens. I live in the Sonoran Desert. A desert-dry, arid, devoid of flowers when it is 105 degrees Fahrenheit outside on Sept. 16th! Not necessarily! The following is a collage of pictures taken in my garden yesterday. They are not really xerophytes since I irrigate them, but lovely none the less. They are drought tolerant since I only give them a few drops of moisture once a week.

So, Rosie challenged me to use the word serendipity.

First, I have a story to tell. I moved to Houston as a new empty nester. My youngest just started college and we literally dropped her off at her college dorm and got in the car to drive to Houston, TX. I selected the Wilchester neighborhood because it was within walking distance to a quilt shop. However, they closed up shop right before I moved in. There was a 'smocking' shop in the same strip mall, but she was curt with me the first time I inquired about quilting fabric. Months later when I needed some thread to quilt a project, I returned to the little shop. Marge was on vacation, but I learned that they were expanding to include quilting and needed a teacher. Thus, my career as a quilt piecing teacher was launched.

If my memory serves me right, it was my second group of students that included Kay, Rosie and Alice. Over the 6 weeks of class, we developed a special bond and they became my first 'groupies.' Alice was my challenge student, and today is responsible for my classroom rules concerning cell phones! Kay didn't really like 'groups of women,' but she found she really enjoyed our little group. And then there was Rosie. I shared details of my life that no one else knew with her. And perfection, she strived for it. With these three ladies, I formed my first 'Sit n Sew' group. We soon shared our lives and strifes, growing closer every day.

And so, this story defines the word serendipity--the faculty for making fortunate discoveries by accident . When I stumbled into that shop that day looking simply for thread, I discovered friendships that will stay with me for a lifetime. Thus, serendipity found.


  1. I love stories like that and very nice demonstration for the word. How about using obtuse.

  2. Brigitte, mathematical speaking or just slow to understand? :o)

  3. What a great way to demonstrate serendipity. And what a fun group you all have. I am finding the same sort of serendipity within the blogs I read, many of the bloggers have become friends, albiet only online - but perhaps one day in person. I love the pictures. The dessert can really be a beautiful place if you just know where to look.

  4. These plants are gorgeous! Your garden must be quite a showplace. If only I could grow these exotic beauties in my Zone 4 garden! I always enjoy seeing other people's gardens.


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