Saturday, September 18, 2010

Squaring up oversized QST's

So I got a little impatient, but finally figured out how to share these squaring instructions with you. So here we go.
Layout the QST block as shown. Place the ruler on the diagonal seam. Look at the bottom right edge of your ruler. The edge of the 4 1/2" line on your ruler should be touching the seam of the quarter square triangles (for our purposes in Paddle Wheel, use the 2 1/2" line. ) Now trim the right and upper edges. Turn the unit 180 degrees and measure the finished size, in this case 4 1/2", but in our case 2 1/2". Trim the right and upper edges again.
Hope this helps squaring up the QST's in Paddle Wheel.


Rosie said...

Crossword puzzlists know this one well: ennui

Cheryl said...

You can't be bored, so are you weary?

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your wonderful blog thanks to Small Talk. Think you are on Jo Morton, also. The directions for the miniatures are fabulous. So I will try to make some among the Maple Leaves. Sally Collins is one of my idols. Thanks for the inspiration.
Ardis in Oregon

Rosie said...

I'm never bored, now and then weary. I just like saying it - ahn-wee (preferred emphasis on second syllable).

Cheryl said...

Giggle, giggle!