Sunday, September 26, 2010

Are you ready for a challenge--SAL #10--Noon and Light

 Pour yourself a big cup of coffee and take a big breath before making this baby.  It will be the most complicated block by far.  However, it is the one I have tried to give the most detailed instruction for.  I may throw in a block #13 that will be much easier in case you do not want to make this one.
And look at Rosie's blocks.  I wish I had done mine in fall colors!  Very nice piecing!  She will have some great choices of fabrics for setting these from Jo Morton's new Spice line. 
And I am so excited that Denise over in Italy has joined us.  Look at these beautiful blocks in fabrics I have never seen before.

And so we need a word of the block.  Please, after making this block ladies, don't cast any aspersions my way.  And please just take your time.  I also do not wish to cause apoplexy.  OK, enough with A words.  Later today I am off to my favorite monthly meeting of SSQSG (small scale quilt study group)
Good luck!


  1. I have just discovered this wonderful blog! Oh, and I would love to sew along, but I guess I'm a bit late? I come from Norway, and repro is my favourite!

  2. I'm happy You like my blocks!
    Fabric are serveral series of old Whindam fabrics. I bought a pack of fats in a clerence store, they are preatty but out of production so I must make with what I have.

  3. Thanks for the latest block! I still have 7, 8, and 9 to tackle before taking this one on.

  4. Okay, I was wrong. I just did a count of what I have made - I AM 6 BLOCKS BEHIND!! UGH!!!!


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