Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My cure for ennui... to make a really small, very complex block and then blog about it! 
So you are saying to yourself, "Is she crazy."  The answer is YES!!
Remember that my idol is Sally Collins, the queen of small scale piecing!
This is the first quilt I ever entered in a juried quilt show.  Yes, all the half square triangles are 1" and  1/2" finished. Can you even see the little green sawtooth border?  The judge kindly reminded me that a miniature needs a miniature binding.  Lesson learned!  I now put a single fold binding on my miniatures.

Have heart, ladies.  Kansas Troubles will be lucky block #13.  I can hear you all now.  "But, she said there would be only 12 blocks?*!"  Lucky 13 will be an optional block that I will give you the pattern for.  Try it, revel in the challenge, OR toss it in the orphan block pile, then take two Tylenol and call me in the morning.

Why am I so ornery today? I was pummeled on the tennis court this morning.  My team has just moved up a level and we are being schooled.  Sorry that I took it out on my followers.  What are friends for!

P.S. You may ask, "Why was I bored?" I have remade two of the blocks and I have rewritten the instructions for some of the earlier blocks.  Sorry they are out of order.  My goal is to have them all available in one place soon.  The numbers are insignificant.  It is just the order in which I made them. 


  1. Don't worry Cheryl some days are better than others. It's great that you get out and play! I like the new block, lots of little pieces, yikes!

  2. Two good ways to take out fustration. One is to eat chocolate and the other is to sew.

  3. First of all - that miniature quilt you made is GORGEOUS!

    I also love to work with teeny tiny triangle squares :)
    I'm looking forward to the challenge of making block #13.

  4. Cheryl, I LOVE the new block and the little quilt. It's beautiful. I know there's a special place in heaven for those of us who love all things small. I figure there's a loony bin there, too!

    Hang in there, girlfriend.

    PIYPL friend,

  5. Your basket quilt of triangles is magnifique! On the other hand, Rena Kay has a clear perspective. Here's a fun word: huggermugger.


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