Sunday, September 26, 2010

SAL participants from around the world

I am so excited that I have had such a positive response to my little SAL.  These are Eri's blocks.  She follows along from Japan and is one of Merumo's friends.  Then Elin from Norway joined today and gave me the idea to have a list of participants.  If you are sewing along with us and are not listed, just drop me a comment to let me know and I will add your name to the list.  I think it is fun to know where everyone is from, so include your country or state in the USA so I can include that as well.

Although I am almost to the end of the blocks, I will slow down and allow new participants, and old, to do a little catchup.  At the end, we'll all post our quilts in a slideshow.  I think Picasa will let me do that, hopefully.  Merumo can help me if I can't figure out how!

Looking forward to adding those names...Cheryl in Arizona


  1. Blog is a great thing, all the word can meet in!
    I go to make 10th.

  2. I am gonna do it!!!

    I saw Merumo's blocks on her blog the other day and they are wonderful!

    Thanks for the great instructions ---I will have fun making them and will use some of my new "Cheddar "fabrics"! Carolyn

  3. I'm enjoying seeing the followers' blocks. More, more, more. Also excited about C & K's nearly completed manual. How about "segue" for a block word.

  4. As I am planning a holiday I am sitting on my hands on this one, but spiritually I am with you. Thanks Cheryl.

  5. It's so much fun to see the blocks that other quilters are making! Such a great opportunity to sew along with quilter's from different cultures & countries too!


  6. I love seeing the blocks created by everyone. Thanks for posting them all!

  7. Monday evening: I have made my first two blocks, and I love it. Will post a photo when I have got some more. Could you tell how many blocks in total? And is there a photo of the finished pattern, or is it a kind of mystery I've started? I'm so happy I joined in, this is fun!


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