Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Caution! Photos, and more photos...

I'm in Heaven!  We arrived in Pagosa Springs just around noon and headed to the Plaza Grill to dine al fresco. It was cool and crisp and so refreshing for two people who have been cooped up in air conditioned dwellings for the last month and a half.
Immediately after lunch, we headed to the cabin.  My heart was heavy as we approached.  I did not have high hopes for my garden.  Boy, was I surprised and elated.  Not only did my drought resistant flower  garden survive, but so did my pumpkins and some of my heirloom tomatoes. I have six, count 'em, six pumpkins!  My daughter and I will have so much fun carving them! 
I took my life into my own hands to get many of the pictures
 and here is why!
I am quite allergic to these little devils, but what a great picture.  I was trying to take the following picture when he buzzed in front of my lens.
The following pictures are of the drought tolerant garden I planted in the spring.

The Russian Sage is loving the obviously very warm, dry weather that must have occurred in Sept.  My Nine Bark and Aspens have crispy edges on their leaves.  What you can't see is all the weeds that are growing as well. Guess who will be down on her knees for the next week. 
We'll go on a little road trip to Ouray in the morning, so look for some fabulous fall foliage pictures coming your way. 
Hope you enjoy!