Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mystery Quilter Found!

Yesterday I posted a picture of this quilt.
With Carolyn's help at Lee Prairie Designs, I was able to identify the 'mystery' quilter.  It is Missie of Hallbrook Designs.  She invited me to take a look at her work on her website.
WOW! She does some amazing things and I purchased a punchneedle pattern from her.
Make sure to check out her favorite things.
She has a few miniatures, one of them appliqued!
I will not bore you with the 125 pictures I took yesterday on our hike on the Anderson Trail in the Weimenuche Wilderness.  We didn't need to drive to Ouray!  Fall splendor was in our own backyard! 
These are just a teaser.  If you want to see more, try this link
Ignore the confusing background display and just press slideshow in the upper right corner.

Anne-Mette is making great progress.
Look for setting instructions in a few days.  We will be closing the cabin up and making the drive back to AZ today and tomorrow.


  1. What an incredible scenic walk you took...right up my alley. I love to hike through beautiful scenery like that. I will check out that sounds good.

  2. Loved Missie's website Cheryl. lots in inspiration there. I am enjoying your photos. Looks like you have recharged your batteries.

  3. Thanks for the slideshow! It makes me feel like I was there with you. You really got some amazing shots of the aspens. Safe travels home.


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