Friday, October 8, 2010

Even a Thistle is Beautiful!

 Colorado Thistle.
 I quickly pull these 'weeds' out of the lawn area, but I love to see the blooms on the other side of the fence.
I am experimenting with close-up photography and then manipulating the pictures using a program on the computer.  Looking for a great picture to use as a screen saver. This has possibilities.  After all, it is purple.  If only it had some orange in there as well.
Yesterday I worked myself silly in the yard.  The weather was perfect for gardening.  Scattered clouds and a light wind made my labors bearable.  I weeded over half of the garden and then used the wheelbarrow to push all these rocks up the hill. I'll throw some wildflower seed in before we leave and see what pops up next Spring. I hate to go to the gym, but I can work for hours doing labor like this. 
 And boy, do my legs and arms feel it today! 
"There is no substitute for hard work."
Thomas A. Edison

Last night we were blessed with a dramatic lightening display.
  I somehow captured a small strike, but don't ask me how. 
Just so you don't think I have forgotten my quilting, here are Linda from Australia's first two blocks.  Everyone likes the 'Paddle Wheel' block.  When it is made using templates, it is called 'Mississippi Queen.'
I did a little hand quilting last night, but have not even touched all the projects I brought with me.  Too many other distractions.  Today we will hike along the Piedra River. 


  1. Great photography play with the close-ups. I liked the lightening strike too. I like the colors of Linda from Australia's blocks

  2. Just found your lovely blog. I too love reproduction fabrics and making little quilts. I am going to follow and make some of the SAL patterns. Thank you for giving the directions, I think this will be fun.

  3. Thanks for the lovely photos. I bet you are sleeping well at night after all the day's labour.

  4. Sounds like you got quite a workout in the garden yesterday. Your photos of the thistle are gorgeous. What a striking bloom it has!

  5. Yes Cheryl, a "Thisle" is beautiful too! I think there is beauty in just about everything here on earth and I think we have to view it in a "special" way ---then discover how wonderful it is and it's purpose.

    Thanks for the lovely photos. :) Carolyn


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