Sunday, October 24, 2010

Progress Report

Elin has added another vibrant block to her pile.
 I can't wait to see the final product and see what she does with that striking black and white striped fabric.  I have a weakness for striped bindings!
Anne Mette has only 4 more to go. She has been hand piecing up to this point, but has enjoyed making these little 4" blocks using her machine.
While working in the yard yesterday, I found this vividly hued catepillar. What a dramatic example of the value of value! I adore his spiky antennae and his little feet looked like they had round, black button shoes on them. There were about 10 of them on the milkweed bush in the corner of the driveway, along with several other types of insects.  Most likely he will be a rather unimpressive butterfly.
The yellow orchid like blooms are on the tree in the courtyard. 

I will meet with the ladies who are testing my Autumn's Bounty pattern this afternoon. I know that Lin has been working on setting her's, so I am anxious to see it.


  1. Mother Nature has the best colors! We could all learn a lesson from her. :-)

    Enjoy your afternoon with your friends.

  2. Like I promesed I finished setting one hour ago, for this week I made my goal :)
    Good afternoon and a great week,

  3. Elin's blocks look terrific!
    The catepillar and tree blossoms are gorgeous!
    Wishing you a wonderful afternoon with your quilting friends!

  4. Love the blocks and i enjoyed the nature pics!

  5. I love Elin's block. It's making me want to get up and sew.


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