Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Perseverance Paid Off

Yesterday began as a total wash, but our perseverance paid off.  The rain pelted the window and the wipers battled fiercely so I could navigate my way to Durango.  But by the time we pulled into the WalMart parking lot to stock up on supplies, the clouds were beginning to part and the sun was peeking through.  We both agreed a great option was to dine at Sue and Ken's in old town and then head north towards Silverton.  I order the same thing every time I go--the open-faced meatloaf sandwich.  The meatloaf is a family recipe and is perched on their homemade bread. It is surrounded by smashed garlic potatoes and then smothered in a red wine reduction gravy and finally topped with very thin fried onion rings.  Not the healthiest, but certainly the tastiest comfort food on a grey day. 
My mouth is still watering at the thought of it.

After lunch, we were optimistic our plan for the day would be a good one. 
The tops of the mountains were still shrouded in clouds, but the sun seemed to be winning the battle. 
We were surprised to find that fall had come and gone in the high country and winter had left her calling card.
 However, there was still some color in the lower elevations.
Silverton was almost a ghost town.  People were scarce and many of the shops were closed for the season.  The colorful old buildings were still willing to show off their bright paint jobs for my camera. 

The ruggedly handsome mountain men in front of the coffee shop were all too willing to be photographed as long as I wouldn't put them up on facebook.  I didn't say I wouldn't blog about them! 

I made a slide show of all my pictures; but try as I may, could not load them here.  However,the following are my favorites and needed to stand on their own, instead of sharing the screen with another.

This was celebratory day for my DH.  The first day without his sling!

I hope you enjoy and I leave you with a thought for the day.


  1. Thanks for the memories.... DH and I travelled through Silverton a few years ago when doing a circle tour. We stayed above an old brothel type building for two nights. (They have theme rooms!)
    Our visit was in late May, and we had snow on our arrival - we were wearing shorts at the time, having left Colorado Springs in the morning with temps around 80!
    Hope to return for another visit.....

  2. Gorgeous looking area. Would love to spend some time there.

  3. A click on each photo for glorious enlargement and my favorite, of course, is the snow-topped mountains.

  4. The pic's are WoNdErFuL. Wish we were there too.

  5. Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful photos!! They make me feel like I'm there too.


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