Friday, October 1, 2010

Innovative or decide!

Was I creating huggermuggery? 
Patterns all over the place, not in sequential order.
 If I was, I apologize.  I am in a very disorderly state most of the time, but never confused.  Well, maybe sometimes.  Usually I just forget where I put things!
 However, once a week I take time to reorganize and put my life back into some semblance of order.  All 10 of the SAL patterns are now on Cheryl's Sew-Along Patterns blog.  For all you newbies, the link can always be found on the right sidebar.
I removed the numbering.  It had no significance.  I wish blogger would let me put them in order.

Now on to the question of insanity!  Remember the unused units from Paddle Wheel?  When I remade my block yesterday, I began arranging and rearranging those little bits of fabric.  To make a long story short, this is what I ended up with. 
I assigned it the temporary name 'Tumbling Squares'.  I liked Square Dance, but I think Judy Martin has a block by that name or maybe it is the name of a quilt.  I need your help in naming this child of mine. I know I have readers who are very skilled with words.  Give me all your ideas.
If you have seen this block elsewhere, let me know.  I like to think it is an original.
I will post the pattern for it in our SAL link.  It will be #11. 
Later I will also post the instructions for Kansas Troubles for all those joining me in that looney bin in heaven Rena Kay alluded to.
And just to create more huggermuggery, I will post instructions for Flock.  You will have patterns for 13 blocks, and can choose which 11 you will use. 
 #12 is not optional and will be coming soon to theatres in your area. Ok, it is early and I think I am funny. My coffee is kicking in and I am getting verbose.

I discovered a new participant yesterday, although I believe there are others out there lurking in the shadows.  Here are Ardis' blocks in Christmas colors. 

And Doreen has designed a wonderful scrappy setting for her blocks.

We talked and she is willing to share her setting design with everyone.  You can find her listed in the blogroll at the pattern website. I am tempted to make another set of blocks myself just so I can set them this way. 
So now you'll have a formal setting option and a scrappy setting option!
I think Doreen and I could cook up all sorts of trouble together! The next Minnick &Simpson? :o)

More proof that I love the brown truck! Yesterday a package arrived.  In it were the loveliest maple leaf blocks and a little thank you for me for hosting the exchange.
The aforementioned Ardis made me these:
And here they are in their permanent home on the table next to our couch in the great room.
One rests next to my computer and nestles my water glass. The coffee cup is jealous, but I don't want to soil them.  I simply adore them and will cherish them always! Thank you again, Ardis.

Looking forward to a fun day.  First, a little organizing and cleaning in preparation for the big event of the day. My sister and her husband will be here for a few short hours to visit. They live in the Napa Valley and are coming here to celebrate their anniversary in Sedona.  We are very close and I am really excited to see her. 


  1. I really like the variety of fabrics everyone is using in your SAL!

  2. I think those christmas print blocks are great!
    Those quilted Cozies are BEAUTIFUL - you lucky girl!

    Hopefully you'll get lots of name suggestions for your new block! Here's my suggestion - OPEN WINDOWS.
    It reminds me of 2 attic windows and 2 open panes.


  3. The blocks are no longer numbered and in no particular order? I know I'm missing at least one, so on to figuring out which one it is. Blogger can be so irritating some times!

  4. For a foreigner it's not easy to understand huggery muggery...Well, now I have posted the first blocks on my blog. I really love them. Would you some time make the patterns in bigger size, as well?

  5. Hi Cheryl, I just found your lovely blog and miniature blocks through Elin's blog. I'm definitely late in SAL, but may I use your patterns later? I'm searching for patterns of some miniblocks, because I got last week FQB of Miniatures by Julie Hendrickson. I think it's just perfect range for your cute blocks;)


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