Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's not a wash yet!

It's a rainy, soggy day, so I may not be able to deliver the fall foliage I promised.  Our spirits are not dampened though. We will still make our little road trip in hopes of a ray of sunshine here or there. There is great shopping in Silverton, so that is our goal.

Just a quick update on SAL participants.
Eri in Japan sent me this photo of her 12 blocks.  I guess I will get started on those setting instructions.
And Linda at Stray Stitches is to the halfway point.
And I have a confession.  I have been trying for those blog giveaways again. I have come to abhor the requirement that I have to become a follower, blog about it and write a separate comment for each action; but I can't stop myself.  I am guilty of using that ploy myself   Besides, I understand the giveaway hosts' motivation.  Blogs with large numbers of followers are receiving free GO cutters from Accuquilt as a marketing scheme.  And it is working.  We have to visit their website and choose which dies we want.  Genius!
So pardon the following transgression, but Alderwood Quilts is having a GO giveaway! Now it is your turn to go over and enter! And I will go enter my comment about this post.  Hope they don't read it!

My new friend in Australia, Linda C of Quilts in the Barn, has a wonderful fundraising exhibition for breast cancer coming soon. 
The ladies of the Secret Sewing Sisterhood made this quilt to auction to raise funds and it is stunning! With Linda's help, I plan to buy several raffle tickets. Wish me luck! 
This group of women does some amazing work.  I highly suggest you follow their blog for it is truly inspirational!
The rain is subsiding and DH is returning from the hardware store, so off I go.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will have that fall foliage to share.


  1. Those little blocks are just so cute! Love them!

  2. I am entranced by Eri's blocks in blue and red which are my kitchen colors. I look forward to seeing her completed project. There is definitely another miniature in my future....

  3. The SAL blocks are darling, aren't they! Love the raffle quilt you displayed, too!
    I'm with you on the "follower" thing -- If you wanna follow my blog, follow it! I shouldn't have to bribe you! :-) I do like comments though, so I asked for those! and blogrolls -- I don't "follow" most of the ones on my roll. But they are the ones I actually read! :-D
    Love the music here. Very restful and sweet!
    Mary Lou

  4. I am glad that you will support the fund raiser for breast cancer but that quilt is mine! I have already bought a ticket (and will get a few more) so I hope to be the proud winner (I wish!). I have been to that exhibition for the last few years and it never fails to please.

  5. I too have been trying to get through all of the giveaways - very time consuming but fun all the same.


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