Sunday, October 3, 2010

Look out Dorothy...there's a storm coming!

 We have some beautiful sunsets here in the Sonoran Desert, but last night was exceptionally beautiful with the promise of a storm, and cooler temperatures, coming from the south.

I picked up a multicolored Kolanchoe last night at the market to simulate fall color in my home.  With all the designers in blogland posting beautiful scenes of the changing of the seasons, I just had to have some color for myself.  The whimsical witch was a birthday present from my Sis last year.

The designers are talking about gatherings today and it had me reminiscing about the Halloween party my parents gave for our neighborhood one year.
The cute blonde costumed as the 'not yet ripe' green pumpkin in the second row is my lil' sis.  I'm the terribly uncomfortable giant pumpkin on the left.  My parents made the costumes for us. It is a miracle I still love pumpkins.  That stem hood was miserable!

Back to quilting. 
I finished block #12 yesterday and briefly posted the instructions for the two half blocks.  I pieced all my blocks together and made the flying geese for the borders. I really like the way the setting frames the blocks.  But now I can put two whole blocks in, one at the top and one at the bottom of the middle rows and they will float in the outer border.  So back to the drawing board and the instructions for the half blocks went back in to drafts. 
I will make it available again for anyone wanting to set it this way or use Doreen's scrappy setting. 
I just didn't want to confuse anyone further until I have all the details worked out.

Needless to say, I will be using my seam ripper today more than my machine. 
And I will not be sewing all next week.
So you have plenty of time to catch up before I post the last patterns and settings.
And yes, now there will be 13 blocks in my quilt. 
I will post some easier patterns for additional blocks for those not wanting to make some of my more challenging blocks, hopefully before leaving.
Thanks for your patience!


  1. Hi Cheryl! Yep, it sure is burrrr-reezy here this morning, too. It finally feels like fall! And yesterday it was hot and sunny ( I am a little red this morning) with temps in the 90's. There is no way we could have had the dye workshop today!

    Love your quilt top! Sorry about the "un-sewing."

    Have a great day!

  2. This looks very nice! I look forward to the result! 4 new blocks from me this weekend.
    And what a pretty view!

  3. Cheryl, the little quilt looks fantastic. Breathtaking.
    And the sunset photos are beautiful.

  4. Thank you for posting the quilt blocks. I hope I have a chance to start in.

  5. Your photos are beautiful Cheryl, they momentarily take us to another place. It has been really interesting watching your little quilt evolve. It's looking so good.
    I'm glad you didn't get type cast as a pumpkin, you have found your niche elsewhere.

  6. The sunset pictures are beautiful! The pumpkin picture is priceless!


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