Friday, October 29, 2010

Holiday Blog Hop

Starting in November several of my favorite designers will be doing another blog hop. I enjoyed the last one and actually made one of the projects. Well, half made.  It is in the finishing pile.  More like a mound, perhaps approaching a hill.
Nov 2nd * Brenda Gervais from
Nov 5th * Debbie Field from
Nov 9th * Jan Patek from
Nov 12th * Kathy Schmitz from
Nov 16th * Renee Plains from
Nov 19th * Tracy from
Nov 22nd * Lisa Bongean from
Nov 26th * Lynda Hall from
Nov 29th * Cheri Saffiote-Payne from
Dec 3rd * Tara Darr from
Dec 7th * Debbie Busby from
Dec 10th * Stacy West from

Perhaps some ideas for gift giving. All of a sudden I feel anxious over the holidays. Why do I do this? It isn't about the gifts! And yet, just about this time every year I get a panicky feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Do you know the feeling?
Linda at Stray Stitches is getting closer to the finish line with her SAL blocks.
Don't forget to send me pictures.