Monday, October 18, 2010

The Years fly by so quickly...

To Me!
...or so it seems.
Today is my birthday and it has started out as a glorious day.
The heat has broken and the air is cool and crisp this morning.

Last night I celebrated the passing of another year with my family. First, we had dinner at the White Chocolate Grill. Then to a wine bar for libations and board games. We played Old Maid and Go Fish, which brought back memories from traveling in our camper when the children were wee tots. Card games have always been a family favorite and we shared lots of laughs over Crazy Eights and BS.

Presents abounded.  A decorative iron butterfly and precious little gnome (inside family joke!) from the kids. DH took care of the photography habit with an electronic picture viewing frame, camera backpack, tripod and lens organizers.
Someone forgot to tell him women like sparkly things! But honestly, these presents spoke more to my real inner person than jewelry ever could.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have turned it down.
How will I spend my day? Promised myself the gift of health for my birthday.
So today is a day for making doctor's appointments for all the parts of me that seem to be breaking down with age. I'll include a hair appt. to cover up the grey that has invaded my head.
I joined a gym and will go 'workout' for the first time in many years today.
Let's hope I follow through with this one.  A special friend is going to help me try to stick with it.
And then,
I will sew.