Saturday, October 9, 2010

Advice Wanted!

Denise in Italy would like advice on which setting fabric to use for her SAL blocks. Go to the SAL patterns blog and click on her blog link.  You can then translate it when you arrive and give her your advice. 
 I like the brown or pink. How about you?
And Linda is making steady progress.
I am thinking about my next small scale project.  I like the Farmer's Wife Quilt, but 6" blocks are too big for me.  Perhaps 4 1/2" blocks set medallion style like the following quilt.
This quilt was hung at the Des Moines show this weekend.  I need to find out who made it to give them credit if I mimic their setting. I know two women there this week who might be able to help with that. If you do know who made this quilt, please let me know.
This quilt is in the book Just Plain Nuts by Liz Lois. 
I love the cheddar and blue setting and the complexity of the blocks.
I will be buying the book soon.
Food for thought.


  1. Dear Cheryl, many thanks for this SAL, I learned so much making blocks!
    I'm for pink me too but I'll wait next week for choise color and finish.

  2. Cheryl,
    I love the little blocks!! I've been debating over starting the Farmer's Wife, and I have both the Liz Lois patterns (the Nuts one and Nearly Insane); LOVE them! :-)
    I also have two books of 4" blocks by Jill Kemp -- 4" Sampler Book 1 and 4" Sampler Book 2 (That's the titles, no kidding! :-D). Book 1 has 225 different blocks and Book 2 has 175 blocks. FUN!!! (but daunting! LOL) I've sworn off starting anything new until I finish something, but the little blocks sure do call my name. (Dear Jane was sooooo much fun!)
    Mary Lou

  3. Denise's blocks are wonderful! Linda's blocks are looking great too!
    I'm with you Cheryl - I also LOVE working with smaller blocks!
    Hoping to have my Dear Jane completed by March and then I too will be itching to start another larger quilt made from small blocks!



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